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10+ Million PC Players -

10+ Million PC Players –

Microsoft unveiled that PC version Dependent Halo: The Master Chief Collection I have passed 10 million players, Including Steam, Windows Store, and Xbox Game Pass releases. In short, the group that includes all of Halo, up to Episode 4 (included), proved to be hugely popular on PC, despite being released a few years after its release on Xbox One.

Data from Halo: The Master Chief Collection was provided on PC by Shannon Loftis of World’s Edge studio, in an interview with PCGamesn.

Loftis first spoke about how Microsoft is devoted to expanding game development on the PC, then explained Redmond House’s renewed interest in the platform, talking about the Halo Group trend:For example, we released Halo: The Master Chief Collection on steam In 2019 we have over ten million players who have played it since its launch.

According to Loftis, not many PC players have tried the Halo: The Master Chief Collection title of the Halo series before:Many of these people are new to the franchise. So we’ve discovered a whole bunch of new Halo fans that we’d never have had if we hadn’t released the game on Steam, Windows, and Game Pass.

The bottom line is that Microsoft has found the computer an ideal place for its games and studios, and is able to greatly expand its user base. Do you understand why this cannot be done without?

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