Thursday, July 25, 2024

Covid, during the past 24 hours, 2,898 infections out of 205,602 swabs and 11 deaths


cases in Italy

The number of cases in Italy since the beginning of the epidemic is 4,281,214 and deaths are 127,851. Instead, the exits and recoveries are 4,110,649. The current positives are 42,714, up 1,814 over the past 24 hours. People in home isolation 41465 (+1807).

Brusafero: “Rt up, next week towards 1.24”

Rt is up and moving from 0.66 last week to 0.91 this week. At that rate, in seven days it could reach “1.24 with a range of 1.21-1.27”. This was confirmed by the President of the Higher Institute of Health, Silvio Brusaferro, emphasizing that “RT Hospital is growing, albeit lagging behind the national figure.”

‘Cases among young people are increasing’

“There are two important data: the number of municipalities with at least one case is no longer decreasing but is trending towards regrowth. In previous weeks it was 2,165 while now it is 2,267. And in many areas there is also reversal and regrowth,” Prosviro explained. Most affected “are young people aged 20-29 and 10-19, who are often asymptomatic”.

Rida: “With the delta variant, portability increases by 60%”

The Director of Prevention at the Ministry of Health, Gianni Raza, added that the delta variant “records a 60% increase in transmissibility compared to the alpha variant. This virus is more transmissible than last summer and currently affects mainly young people.” “Since the elderly are vaccinated first – he explained – they must be protected from serious diseases, and when they are massively vaccinated, the young will begin to slow the course of the virus.”

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Hope: “Hospital treatment will have a greater impact on the colors of the areas”Then Health Minister Roberto Speranza noted that “in a phase characterized by a significant level of vaccination, it is plausible that in the discoloration and consequent containment measures, the hospitalization rate weighs more than other indicators.”


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