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Relax all over Italy, and also run into issues with TIM and Vodafone: What We Know

Back down again. Hundreds of reports on social networks of new wind problems. On the Downdetector website, the peak of the reports was recorded on Thursday evening April 29, just before midnight and mainly related to the internet.

Back down again

According to comments QuiFinanza watched a short while ago, In different parts of Italy, the problems were never solved. “Unfortunately, the fixed network has not been available in Palermo since last night, while in Catania there have been no optical fibers since yesterday 23:20. 4G fluctuates …” some users write.

“Naples, the suburbs and the surrounding areas, the Internet and the telephone are still absent at 11 pm yesterday. Salerno: Internet and mobile data on Wi-Fi stopped completely yesterday at 11:30 pm” as stated in another post.

“Milan looks good this morning,” says a customer, but soon after another user, even in Lombardy, reports to the wind services It’s still at the bottom.

“Florence, the fiber has been absent since yesterday”, “Padua, after 11 pm on April 29. First it is completely blocked, then the phone works, but the service is not available. After a period of time the line takes 25 minutes of waiting with a recorded message, the operators are busy Temporarily and we will respond as soon as possible, “he reads other reports.

Problems have also been reported with the TIM terminal and Vodafone

For reports on WindTre We also add those for TIM and Vodafone Station, which recorded important shortcomings. In Turin, Vodafone, for example, is not doing well. Ditto in Milan and in many other parts of northern Italy. Piedmont and Lombardy appear to be the hardest hit areas at the moment.

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Difficult Contact customer service, And he’s always busy. What you can do if you have problems is to open a support ticket using social channels.

Recently, WindTre network problems have recurred with some hesitation, to the point where many users threaten to leave the provider.

7 and 8 last March Thousands of clients, for example WindTre It found serious disruptions that mainly involved mobile apps and customer service. Not only that: according to social reports, various issues were also found in the offers section, in which it was not possible to activate the new mobile phone promotions.