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You don’t need to change the fridge: with a simple gesture your bill is halved and you save | Nobody thought of that


How to save the fridge –

In recent years, with the rise in summer temperatures, many have noticed a decrease in the performance of the refrigerator, and this is due to the fact that excessive heat can negatively affect the functioning of the refrigerator and the preservation of food inside.

To save its contents, it is very important to pay attention to the specific strength and the correct arrangement of foods in order to avoid unpleasant problems, such as mold, poisoning and unpleasant odors. By carefully arranging each product, waste will also be avoided, in fact the food will last longer.

First of all, it is necessary Correctly adjust the power of the refrigerator Based on the outside temperature. When outside temperatures are high, the refrigerator compressor has to work harder Maintain a stable indoor temperatureso increasing the power of the refrigerator during periods of extreme heat can help ensure that the interior remains at the right temperature to store food safely.

However, increasing the power of the refrigerator undoubtedly leads to Excessive use of her power, causing intense cooling, which can literally freeze the food inside. This will not only deteriorate the quality of food, but also An increase in energy consumption from the refrigerator, so it is necessary to find the right balance in regulating the power according to the outside temperature.

Besides all this is also important Learn how to properly arrange food in the refrigerator to maintain its freshness. In fact, each part of the appliance has a slightly different temperature, so it is essential to place the food in the best place.

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How to properly put food in the refrigerator

In the cold region, it is usually a coil downstairs And the back of the refrigerator, it is best to store foods that are more prone to bacterial contamination, such as lOver raw meat and fish-based foods. This zone ensures a constant low temperature, which helps keep these foods fresher for longer.

How to put food in the fridge – (Source: freepik)

there Central part From the refrigerator should be intended for preservation Milk, eggs, yogurt and other dairy products, which requires a slightly higher temperature. This compartment provides a cool temperature, but not as cold as the one below.

The refrigerator door is the area less coldso it is the perfect place for spices such as Ketchup, mustard, jam and other canned foods. However, it is best to avoid storing dairy products in this area, as frequent opening and closing of the door can cause temperature fluctuations which may affect their freshness.


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