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Record the heat, how long it lasts, and how hot it can get

Record the heat, how long it lasts, and how hot it can get

there heat bite Who controls the peninsula destined not to leaveItaly For a long time, except for a few Short differences which will bring rains and storms to the north, able to refresh the air.

Anyway from Sunday 16th JulyAfrican Hurricane Sharon It will lead to a new increase in temperature, which will turn many cities into red dots. In any case, while temperatures in Puglia reached nearly 40 degrees Celsius, a hailstorm with 4 cm pellets set off in South Tyrol, damaging cars and skylights.

If these are signs of unstable weather, some thunderstorms should be recorded in the next few days, at least in northern Italy, due to an active cyclonic vortex between Iceland, the United Kingdom and Scandinavia, which will send a disturbance tail as far as Italy. Here’s everything you need to know about the weather this week and weekend.

Record the heat, as far as the temperatures can reach

The heat these days is destined to increase record temperatureswhile not equal – fortunately – the temperatures reached July 4ththe The hottest day ever.

is expected red dot to BolognaAnd FlorenceAnd FrosinoneAnd LatinAnd PerugiaAnd RietiAnd Rome And Viterbo. The sun will continue to kiss the peninsula as the temperature rises southespecially in Puglia Where will I touch 40-41 ° C in the Fujian region.

Moreover, starting from the weekend, theAfrican Cyclone Karoonwhich will launch the third heat wave of the current summer season, causing extremely high temperatures in almost the entire Italian peninsula.

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According to experts’ forecasts, this Sunday July 16th The thermometer can record i 39-40 ° C Not only in the south, but also in RomeAnd FlorenceAnd BolognaAnd PaduaAnd PaviaAnd MantuaAnd Ferrara… In short, the third heat wave of the season will begin with the African Hurricane Charon.

Heat log, what do you do to protect yourself?

With extreme heat, it’s a good idea to take appropriate countermeasures to prevent the dreaded ones sunstroke and diseases that particularly affect the most vulnerable – children and the elderly. For this reason, experts recommend the following:

  • Take a lot waterfallEven when you’re not thirsty.
  • eat healthy food, giving preference to fruits, vegetables and not particularly complex dishes;
  • Adjusting air conditioners is only 5 degrees Celsius lower than the outside temperature because in addition to polluting the environment, sudden temperature changes of more than 5 degrees Celsius are not good for the body.

Record heat, how long will it last?

First differences and signswarm up” from Temperaturesabandon those registerThey must register northern regions In the next few days, starting from Thursday 13th July.

In the north, in fact, i. The high pressure ocean should weaken, favoring the entry of columns from the Atlantic fronts which will be responsible for the formation of the local My time.

According to information provided by meteorological studies, early this evening – Wednesday 12th JulyThe tail end of the new front will determine the formation of more organized rain and thunderstorms in the Alps, which should reach the upper Po Valley in the evening.

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Thursday 13 A weakening of the anticyclone should allow Alpine thunderstorms to reach much of the Po Valley, with events that may also be locally strong and accompanying praises And – as he writes the weather – with “Sudden wind reinforcements on the eastern sectorsThis should be specifiedBegins affiliate Drop in temperatures At least in the north.

Friday the 14thand then some new Storm It will form near the Alps and Temperatures They will suffer decrease to northalso on part of centeralthough not affected by the phenomena.

But the cold weather won’t last long, and it’s a potential new comeback forAfrican hurricane, albeit with some alpine rain or thunderstorms. So the heat – despite some cold days – will touch the peninsula.