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You can increase your Gmail space with tricks of the trade and without paying a dime

You can increase your Gmail space with tricks of the trade and without paying a dime

Is your Gmail inbox full? Here are the tricks to increase space. Very fast and prompt practices to avoid mail problems

Emails sent daily are really high An impressive number. Simple emails Text, automatic or manual, with attachments, PECetc., it turns out to be an infinite resource containing a huge amount of exchanged data. All web work is now run through email and it is essential to have an email box that can Works efficientlyAnd that his “heaviness” does not slow him down.

How to increase Gmail space? -The idea of ​​a computer

In fact, most of the time, we tend to have an email inbox Really full, with little space to store data, with the risk of our mail being significantly slowed down. An example of this is Google boxIncredibly effective but at risk of slowing down If we no longer have space available. What are some simple, no-fuss tricks to streamline your inbox?

Increase your Gmail inbox space

Gmail is one Google mailbox Completely free when you register. The number of active users is really impressive, and Its interface is very intuitive and simple. It allows you to manage your contacts and content perfectly, which definitely makes this service one of the most used services ever. But the danger is that this email box It could literally explodeThis is due to the data we store.

Increase Gmail space
Gmail: Tricks to increase space –

Originally, when you sign up, Gmail offers every user free 15 GB space Usable, which can be divided between email and media, between Google Photos and Google Drive. Cloud offering is really very important, but it feels limited, even if gigabytes don’t seem like a lot. So what should you do to quickly increase space on Gmail?

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Procedure to be followed

First of all, you should select which incoming emails contain emails Great contents attached If necessary, delete it. It can really store a lot of space, especially after some time, we may not need it anymore, so it can be It has been safely deleted. However, this is a process that must be performed carefully, as the data will be deleted It can no longer be recovered; Therefore, the choice must be careful and wise.

Likewise, you can delete media from Google Photos and Drive if you find something you no longer need. Otherwise, really spend A small amount per month, you can consider buying some giga. For example, 100 GB of memory costs 1.99 Per month, 200 instead of 2.99 Or for those with other needs, there’s a $9.99 per month plan that saves $9.99 of space 2 TB. Completely accessible presentation, which can be really essential for archiving material.