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Apple with the new MacBook Pro makes everyone agree that it is really needed

Apple with the new MacBook Pro makes everyone agree that it is really needed

Apple puts aside the problems with the new iPhones and with the new MacBook Pro makes everyone agree and return to their levels.

Historical iPhones, those with a USB-C cable, cause problems far beyond the new connector. It’s theirs Abnormally high temperature To tarnish the reputation of a technology company that makes perfection, elegance and hardware its backbone.

New Macbook Pros make users happy –

Waiting for that Software update required To solve the serious problem of overheating, both in the standard and professional versions, the Cupertino giant is back in fashion thanks to a device that has always distinguished itself in performance from the rest. With the new MacBook Pros, Apple shines again, and makes everyone agree with the upcoming arrival of the new 14- and 16-inch MacBook Pro models, Truly high-performance machineslike never before.

Apple, High-quality shot of the 14- and 16-inch MacBook Pro. Displays will make the difference. thus

Two pieces of evidence won’t prove it, but the Digitimes report, which has also been relaunched by Macrumors, highlights the exciting news that boosts… New small LED screensand several power-saving features, which will be able to increase the screen brightness by 10% compared to the first generation specifications, at least according to (reliable) rumors from Digitimes.

New MacBook Pro performance
The new Macbooks are a marvel –

According to the new report, the greater brightness that Mini-LED displays will be able to achieve will not translate into brighter displays for who knows why: The mini LEDs will always emit the same brightness seen as the previous versionsBut the tipping point is using less energy. In fact, Apple hasn’t made any substantive changes to the miniLED backlight specifications since adopting it in its tablets and laptops.

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But the upcoming MacBook Pros will have miniLED lights that are 10% brighter than their predecessors, without changing the number of miniLED chips in the backlight unit. Increasing brightness is not intended to improve image quality, but rather to save power and improve battery life. This is where the Cupertino giant wants to kill two birds with one stone: more brightness, use less power, will be the motto of the new 14- and 16-inch MacBook Pros. Apple is rumored to be thereWorking on OLED technology for future Macs But we are already entering 2024, while according to a Digitimes report, the new 14- and 16-inch MacBook Pros could start shipping by 2023.