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You are harming your health: the mistake that millions of Italians make at night

You are harming your health: the mistake that millions of Italians make at night

There is a mistake that almost everyone makes at night that can harm your health. Find out what it is and how to fix it right away.

The importance of night’s rest has been a topic of study for several years. Recently, there has been a lot of evidence showing how good night’s sleep is Improve today’s performance As well as health and mood.

The mistake you make when you sleep (

However, there is a mistake that almost everyone makes, which can be a health problem according to some experts. We are talking about Hours spent in bed and thus sleeping. In fact, it appears that sleeping just seven hours, as suggested for adults, is not always necessary to enjoy all the benefits of sleep.

Because sleeping seven hours may not be enough

As we know now, There are minimum hours of sleep suggested to stay healthy. If these are too many at birth and too many during developmental age, they tend to decrease once they reach adulthood. At this point, in fact, the clocks (which They should never be less than five) to get good rest ranging from at least seven and above. But this aspect does not seem to satisfy all doctors.

The mistake you make when sleeping
Little sleep is harmful (

In fact, according to some, There are people who need an extra hour or two of sleep. For these individuals, being deprived of an hour of sleep a night can cause unwanted effects. Among these the most common are:

  • anxiety
  • Nervous mood
  • Diabetes
  • Cardiovascular problems
  • depression
  • Predisposition to infection
  • Poor clarity
  • Various health problems

As it is easy to imagine, these are rather important problems that push us toward awareness Sleeping more than seven hours is often necessary. Furthermore, even for those for whom seven hours is sufficient, it is important to take into account the time it takes to fall asleep, any awakenings and insomnia crises.

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So the general advice is to understand the exact number of hours of sleep you should get per night, and perhaps assess how you feel when you wake up and how you experience the rest of the day. To this we can then add Good sleep hygiene will increase sleep quality Which will therefore allow sleep hours to be more effective. From taking care of your room to the linens you wear to your evening routine, every aspect is important and can contribute to improving the quality of your sleep. This is really essential to live well and healthy.