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After 80 years of research, scientists have revealed the secret to happiness: it’s unbelievable


Achieving happiness can sometimes seem like pure utopia. However, scientists have discovered how to do it thanks to 80 years of research.

“Have you known happiness at some point in your life?” This is a question that we have probably asked ourselves at least once or perhaps we have asked ourselves to try to understand what is wrong with our existence. In fact, this rarely happens when we are truly satisfied, while it may be natural for us to analyze the current situation in an almost endless phase.

Is achieving happiness really possible? –

However, impatience may be normal, especially for those who never feel at peace and are always looking for new stimuli. In fact, it is not easy to improve, but some scientists have managed to do so Determine how you can be assured.

Is achieving happiness possible?

We often tend to associate happiness with achieving a goal, such as when you land your dream job or are able to start a family. If this doesn’t happen or takes a long time to happen, the feeling of frustration may be strong, to the point of thinking it may never happen.

We often tend to see happiness as a goal that must be achieved at any cost –

In fact, reaching this state is not impossible, as some researchers from Harvard University pointed out, after reaching a conclusion after 75 years of work. The analysis began in 1938 and examined 724 participants from different socio-economic backgrounds, in order to get as diverse a picture as possible and understand their different approaches to the world. It was decided to collect important data, such as those related to health and quality of life.

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Aspects that, in short, can influence the approach to daily life of each of us. The questions were then repeated over two years, a period considered useful for checking for any changes, including in the people closest to them. It can only play a fundamental role in achieving happiness It is done through personal relationshipsOn the other hand, which can particularly affect our state of mind, although we can often deny it.

Never feel defeated

Feeling frustrated when things don’t go our way can be normal, even more so if you have a sensitive personality. But this should not make us think that achieving happiness is impossible. Therefore, there are two measures that each of us should implement that can allow us to move closer to this crucial goal.

It is essential that you choose to spend your time with those who make you feel good –

The choice must first be made, according to the opinion of scholars, People close to us. It may be essential to prefer relationships with those who make us feel good and allow us to face our daily lives in a positive spirit. Those who repeatedly make us suffer, whether it be a partner or a relative, can only lead to a decline in our self-esteem and morale, and breaking up with them can help us recover.

It can be equally crucial The attitude with which we face what happens to us Daily basis. We must learn, even if it seems difficult for some, to deal with situations more lightly, which can avoid breaking down and undermining our level of security.

Continuing to ruminate and allowing anxiety to take over can only harm the mind, as well as the body for those who tend to somatize. It is no coincidence that many elderly people are really happy, they know how to appreciate what they have every day, knowing that they do not have much time.

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