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How to strengthen bones with nutrition: favorite foods

How to strengthen bones with nutrition: favorite foods

Strengthen your bones with what you eat: Are we sure that only dairy products give us the right amount of calcium? In-depth analysis

Dairy products and more to strengthen bones (

Take care of us Diet It is one of the most important measures that must be taken to ensure… health Of our fitness. Our health depends precisely on what we eat, along with good physical activity, which also helps us lose weight. For example, bones, the main support of our body, can be strengthened and thus supported by what we bring to the table.

In fact, there are some foods that contribute to this more than others Strengthening the skeleton Eliminate the possibility of the appearance of theOsteoporosisIt is a disease that makes bones brittle and mainly affects women. They are known Dairy products To provide great sources of calcium for skeletal support, but are we sure that’s all it’s worth?

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Calcium nutrition
Dairy products and other foods that consume calcium (

Those who do not eat dairy products realize that they have a high probability of developing osteoporosis, a similarity that arises from Western eating habits. But isn’t there another way to give the body the amount of calcium it needs? Just look at what’s happening on an island Okinawathe ideal place for centenarians who do not eat milk and cheese at all, however Other foods rich in calciumSuch as fish, vegetables, soybeans, and cases of osteoporosis are very rare.

This leads us to understand how we should in the West a question Somebody HabitsIn this case, it is linked to calcium, knowing that this mineral can be consumed and absorbed correctly, and in a targeted manner, through A variety of foods Which can be eaten in addition to dairy products or even as a substitute for them.

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Strengthen your bones with these foods

You can count on the natural world to bring you foods that help strengthen bones. One of them is Black cabbage: 200 grams is enough to take in 400 milligrams of calcium, which is more than what a glass of milk provides. No less I’m there rocketthe Turnip greensI BroccoliI Cauliflower.

ImageSesame seedsUnlike all dried fruits and oilseeds which contain a lot of calcium but are not absorbed, the amount found in ricotta ensures. the Tofuwhich is usually associated with plant-based nutrition, is the true concentration of this mineral as is the case with soybeans.

Dates and dried figs They are also another good resource that should not be overlooked. Finally, the Anchovies And the Sardineswhich are always named for their high concentration of omega-3, but they are also excellent sources of calcium.