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A huge loss for the audience

A huge loss for the audience

Il Paradiso delle Signore is a Ray drama that has always been widely followed by the public. But it seems the beloved story and its characters took a big risk.

Ladies' Paradise –

Over time, Ladies' Paradise became one of the most followed TV series by Italians. In fact, today it seems impossible for any fan to miss even just one episode of this captivating story, composed of stories of love, intrigue and much more.

So there are those who do not even miss an update and know everyone Details of the cast, scenes, and all the stories that followed on the set of Ladies' Paradise. Despite the years that have passed since the first episode aired in December 2015, He still has a record today.

There have been many changes since that first episode, actors who have come and gone, relationships between real characters and love affairs, however The focus of the story has always remained the same. This seems to be the winning ingredient in this all-Italian series.

Despite the great success, however Not long ago, this TV series took a really big risk And fans worried about the fate of their favorite characters did everything to avoid the worst.

The truth about ladies paradise

We've reached the eighth season of one of the most beloved television series in recent years. Obviously we're talking about ladies' paradise It has always attracted a very large audience.

However, not everyone knows that during the third season, Something has almost permanently affected the future of the beloved TV series. In fact, after the end of the third semester, production costs increased significantly and were… It is difficult to determine the fate of the series.

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Ladies' paradise In fact, it risked closing its doors due to the huge costs incurred by the production to continue the story. At that time he was the director of Rai 1 channel, Teresa De Santis announced to the public the possibility of closing the Ladies' Paradise permanently And faster than its normal course.

Teresa De Santis

Rai 1 Director Teresa De Santis –

Fans, fearful that they may not be able to become passionate about the stories told in the series, They really did everything.

Thanks to their contribution, ratings have increased significantly After this statement from Rai, it was possible Change the fate of soap.

In fact, the ratings made it possible to support expenses related to the fourth season This still happens today, where thanks to the support of all the fans, Season 8 is shown on Rai 1. Ratings are always higher and stories seem to be It will continue without a hitch.