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Train, Metro and ATM bus timetables in Milan

Train, Metro and ATM bus timetables in Milan

The day of the first transport strike of 2024 is approaching: Wednesday 24 January. While in Milan – and throughout Italy – vehicles are at risk 24 hours a day. Not only metro, bus and tram ATMs. For daily commuters from the city, many Trenard trains are also questionable. In the latter case, it is not the employees of the railway company who are directly involved in the strike, but the employees of Ferrovienard, which manages part of the network. The protest was planned for a long time Calendar Dedicated to the strikes of the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport, confirmed by bothMilanese transport company gives that Trenarth.

Timings of ATM traffic strike in Milan

The strike will have a national character and has been announced by the trade unions Usb Lavoro Privato and Al Cobas. “In Milan – writes ATM – The strike may affect service between 8.45am and 3pm and after 6pm, until the end of service”. After hours, till the end of service, beyond the guaranteed time slots, all difficulties depend on the employees' compliance which is detected only on the day of the strike.

Trenord train timetables for the strike

The strike, as mentioned, also affects the employees of infrastructure manager FerrovieNord, which is why some Trenord trains are also at risk. Guaranteed time slots are 6 AM to 9 AM and 6 PM to 9 PM.

Trains operating exclusively on the Ferrovienord network may be affected:

  • Milan Catorna – Canso/Asso, Como Lago/Novara Nord/Laveno/Varese,
  • S3 Milan Cadorna – Saronno,
  • S4 Milan Cadorna – Comnaco L.
  • Brescia/Iseo – Edolo.

The Malpensa Express and S50 Malpensa Airport – Bellinzona Airport connections are also involved.

Trains operating only on the RFI railway network will not be affected, but the following mixed-management routes will have potential impacts:

  • S1 Saronno – Milano Passante – Lodi;
  • S2 Milan Rocoredo – Seveso;
  • S9 Saronno – Ceregno – Milan – Albayrate;
  • S12 Milan Bovisa – Melegnano;
  • S13 Milan Bovisa – Pavia.

Trains operating exclusively on Ferrovienard routes are scheduled to depart from the originating station at 9 am and arrive at their final destination; However, in the afternoon, the train departs from the station leaving at 9 pm.

In case of non-operation of trains, buses will be operated only for airport connections without intermediate stops.

  • between Milan Catorna and Malpensa Airport (from Milan Catorna they depart via Paleocaba 1);
  • Line S50 between Busto Arcisio FS and Malpensa Airport.

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