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Primi segnali di cambiamento entro Venerdì

In the next few hours, a strong disturbance approaches, effects already by the end of the week, details »

Weather: In the next few hours, a strong storm is approaching, effects already at the end of the week, more details

First signs of change by Fridayfrom the nearby Atlantic A new chaos approaches Italy The results will be visible by the end of the week.

He didn’t even have time to lick his wounds to prepare for a new phase Bad weather After a very serious one that hit practically the entire country tuesday During the transit of Cyclone Poppea Heavy rain, snow in the mountains and especially strong winds The ones that caused the disaster A storm is brewing In many parts of our coast.

However, now the weather has improved somewhat everywhere but from the Atlantic side A new bad weather attack is brewing.

Let’s take a closer look at what awaits us over the next 48 hours.
Thursday Even during this day it will be a very peaceful day for everyone next hour There will be some residual notes of uncertainty affecting the extreme south. Calabria and the eastern part Sicily. In these areas, it is essential to have an umbrella handy as the locals cannot be kept away It’s raining.

However, it will be the weekend to show us the first signs of the announced new change. during the day Friday the 25th In fact, Increasingly thick and ominous clouds will start traveling in the sky Liguriaof Sardinia AndCentral Tyrrhenian region. It will be precisely in these fields First rain And some by evening Thunderstorm. Under surveillance They will be Eastern Liguria, Tuscany, large part of Sardinia And more at the end of the day Lazio.

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In the attached map, you can see the distribution and amount of rain expected on Friday, November 25. Note the colored areas dark blue Accumulated rainfall is near and far more important 40 mm. Conversely, colorful areas receive less rainfall light blue with peaks without height 10/15 mm.Rainfall distribution and amounts for Friday, November 25Distribution and amounts of precipitation for Friday, November 25

Instead, most of the north, the central Adriatic region and the south will enjoy a decidedly calm weather environment. Except for the north, the weather will worsen in any case. of Weekend When a build-up mess takes more and more energy A cyclonic spin will seriously compromise the weather between Saturday and Sunday In many regions. We will provide more details on the weekend weather in the next updates.