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Vaccines, the second dose for long-term tourists.  Son: Be the exception

Vaccines, the second dose for long-term tourists. Son: Be the exception

Vaccination is in high demand by young people in all regions, but there is an unknown factor of a second dose, which comes at the height of summer, and it is largely postponed by those under 30, and by everyone on vacation. Regional presidents are pushing for expansion, and eventually they will be able to pass a document created by President Massimiliano Petrica at the state-regional conference, which recognizes vaccines in one region, but with the exception of the second dose administration with the obligation to successfully communicate with ASL.

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Since the second dose can be done in a very long time, it is up to the Commissioner General of Emergencies to explain the procedure to be followed: the first thing to do is to be flexible in bookings. We know that RNA vaccines offer the opportunity to administer a second dose within 42 days, you need to be flexible in that range, as well as the astrogenic vaccine between 4 and 12 weeks. That means those who know they have to go on vacation for two weeks have time to schedule a second dose, keeping in mind the large amount of time it can take. As a result, short-term residents are excluded from the possibility.
“We are fully available, we will ensure that the logistics are operational and flexible, so we will give our citizens the opportunity to meet their needs,” Figliulo continues, eventually sharing the line of regional principals.

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In fact, only those who stay for a long time can be vaccinated for a second dose, and bookings must be made at the site of the region where they are on vacation by selecting the dose of vaccine they have already been vaccinated with. It will be up to the region to evaluate the requests and communicate the date and place of administration to the “vaccine” via email or SMS. The signed document includes not only holidaymakers, but also seasonal workers moving from the region over the summer, and who may have made the first move in their region.

Vaccinations for minors are also starting. Order sent by the General to the regional administrations, “Vaccine extension according to the treatment symptoms of IFA” “Preparation for vaccination centers for 12- to 15-year-olds using dedicated lines” Wide use of free choice pediatricians. The goal is to cover by September, so by the time the school year starts, even those under 15. In total, two million and three hundred thousand young people will be vaccinated using pediatricians. “Vaccination in the 12-15 group is important, and it’s highly recommended even if it’s not mandatory – Ficliulo explains – I tell parents to get close to science and vaccination completely because it can be very effective in opening schools”.

From the data provided by Commissioner Figliulo it is revealed that more than 90-95% of the distributed quantities are managed. Very positive result confirming the function of the machine, but it also reveals some problems with the advent of vaccines. “Sometimes attendance is not constant and consistent”, Figliulo agrees, announcing the arrival of one million and 700 thousand astrogeneca, 400 thousand modern today, then, from 8-9, and more modern, Johnson, will come again 3. Million Pfizer, so the predictions I have have brought me to 20 million. It would have been nice if we had a 40 million dose, but with 20 million, assuming we have already vaccinated the 23rd and one and a half million first dose, so even if only half the first dose, we reach 35 million in 54 million visitors. So I hope we can be more secure by the end of June. In addition, there is the issue of scattering by ficliulo, which is estimated at “two million and one million seventy thousand people over the age of 60 who have not yet been vaccinated.”

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In Tuscany, in addition to those under the age of 30, they are also vaccinated on the farm. The recipients of the vaccine are first large retailers, then technicians, workers and many workers, first degree relatives (even if they do not live together) and associates.

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