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WindTre and Iliad Toward Final Change |  We can say goodbye to the historical grid

WindTre and Iliad Toward Final Change | We can say goodbye to the historical grid

WindTre and Iliad announce the arrival of a historic change: the historic network will soon be permanently abandoned.

Technological advancement is now almost a regular occurrence, and efforts are also being made in the field of communications Further development of infrastructure.
If a few years ago it was not possible to surf the Internet at high speeds, nowadays it is practically normal, and when the connection is very slow it seems that we are back in the past.

Precisely for this reason, all companies that manage communications in a particular region decide to do so Abandon the old networks that are now outdated To provide customers with more modern and high-performance infrastructure.
WindTre And Iliad I recently announced this final change by saying goodbye to the historical network.

WindTre and Iliad are among the main telecom networks operating in Italy, together with Tim and Vodafone, so we can talk about a real revolution.
A large part of the Italian population has a contract with one of these two operators and after this news the situation could definitely change for them.

2G, 3G, 4G and 5G networks: what do they mean?

there 5G network It was one of the most discussed topics in the last period, between controversy and conspiracy, but many people do not really realize what exactly this wording means.
“5G” is an acronym that stands for Fifth generation mobile and cellular communication networks; Thus, in short, the evolution of what was in the past.

5G networks have been spreading globally since 2019 and are now almost normal in most countries of the world, including Italy.
Precisely for this reason, in order to avoid infrastructure maintenance and maintenance costs, old structures are abandoned as we advance in technology.

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5G networks

5G networks are increasing more and more with the installation of new antennas and infrastructures all over the Italian territory, but the transition to 5G in general Not fully completed yet.
Precisely for this reason, there are still many regions that allow the use of up to a maximum of 4G; Now very outdated They are 3G networks or even 2g.

A final farewell to 3G: Iliad and WindTre have made up their minds

According to the latest news, Iliad and Windtre will definitely tell Goodbye to 3G networks Which is now considered extremely outdated.
This means that all connections that support this type of network They won’t work anymorebut as already mentioned, there are now almost exclusive 4G and 5G infrastructures throughout Italy.

Ironically, 2G networks, although still older than 3G, will not be abandoned: this is because there are still many connections that operate electronically and traditionally with this type of technology.
On the other hand, 3G networks are now being considered. Outdated And just a waste of resources for the major telecom operators.

Internet Italy

The final decision is made by the company Zephyro Net It is a joint venture between WindTre and Iliad, which work side by side in many cases.
After Tim and Vodafone, also Eliade and Windtree (whose destinies now intersect) will say goodbye to 3G networks throughout Italy. Starting in 2025.