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Starfield: Speedrunners has already completed the game in less than three hours

Starfield: Speedrunners has already completed the game in less than three hours

starfield It will be officially released on September 6, 2023, but it’s already been in early access for a few days. Not everyone is in a rush to play, but there is one category that definitely isn’t wasting time: namely com. speedrunners. In fact, not only was the player able to finish the Starfield in a few days, but he had already completed a sprint since then. about three hours.

Information shared via a discord servers Dedicated to a speed race, where a group of players exchange information on strategies, techniques and more to complete the Starfield as quickly as possible.

The user who surpassed this milestone for the first time is “Microbiologistwhich completed Starfield in 2 hours, 51 minutes, and 42 seconds. And as you can see in the video below (which is full of spoilers, of course), there are sections where the player can complete entire parts of the game in an instant and other points where instead everything slows down dramatically.

How long will this Starfield speed record last?

This is an impressive record, considering it’s an RPG that can take the average player dozens of hours (at least), but this record will obviously only be a starting point. The sprinting community is usually slowly figuring this out New bugs, glitches and improvements It is plausible that significant improvements can be achieved within a short period of time.

Obviously, most guys will get close starfield On the contrary, he took all the time needed to explore and discover quests, upgrades, and characters, without any rush. Speaking of “wasting time,” did you know you can manually travel to the planet’s surface? Too bad it is useless.

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