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WindTre, adding 5G without changing your plan costs €1.99 per month

WindTre, adding 5G without changing your plan costs €1.99 per month

I 5G to WindTre Until now it was only available with some select plans, but now the situation seems to be changing as some select customers with 4G plans have been given the possibility to Enable 5G while maintaining your existing offer. According to the testimonies he collected MondoMobileWeb The initiative is Available in stores From the telephone operator.

It's called enabling the 5G network without changing plans 5G for youIt is also available for customers using Pay is easy As a means of payment (in this case we refer to 5G Per Te Easy Pay). Supply costs 1.99 euros per month With automatic renewal and includes:

  • Activating the 5G network on its 4G offer
  • €1.99/month
  • Automatic renewal
  • Also in Easy Pay version
  • Speed ​​up to 2 Gbps
  • Priority lane con
  • +5 GB/month For your offer (for example, if the offer includes 100GB per month, by activating 5G For You, you will switch to 5G (where available and with a compatible smartphone) with 105GB available per month

Let's remember on the sidelines that by the end of 2025, WindTre will complete the shutdown of the 3G network to free up bandwidth to be allocated to 4G and, above all, 5G.

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