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Windshield wipers, never to be worn again: at €5, they last forever |  Window cleaning and money in your pocket

Windshield wipers, never to be worn again: at €5, they last forever | Window cleaning and money in your pocket

Goodbye to windshield wiper replacement

Windshield wipers often need to be replaced because they wear out and you can no longer see anything, but this trick solves the problem forever.

When you own a car, you have to worry not only about the documents related to it, but also about the conditions it is in and the necessary checks it must undergo. rules Traffic Laws Clear both in scope bureaucracy Than that mechanical: The vehicle must be ordered in both cases, i.e. have i Documents in order And the Optimal performance.

Although I Costs Maintenance and repair are more A lot lately, becauseEconomic inflationWe cannot refrain from doing it. Inspection is a choice that must be made periodicallyspecifically to make sure that all components of our vehicle are working as they should.

The cost of checks is high regardless, but the cost becomes real bloodshed When we see ourselves forced to do so substitute For worn or now damaged parts of our machines. In these cases, the cost increases dramatically, causing us to spend a lot of money that could have been avoided.

In fact there are many Home remedies Which we can use to avoid reaching this point Destroying parts of our car And you have to spend a fortune to fix it. These are the famous ones Novelty remediesthat is, cases where the mechanical part can be repaired with products that we can easily find at home.

Home treatment for a very important part of the car

Among the various mechanical elements of the machine that we can process using Do it yourselfwe find I Windshield wipers. This is very important to Windshield cleaning Which should always be in ideal conditions. You have a windshield Dirty or damaged Increases the risk of road accidents, because The driver's vision is at risk.

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to guarantee Maximum road safety For us and road users, this is good Keep the windshield clean and scratch-free From our car. Windshield wipers come to our aid for this very purpose: by activating them, we can remove traces of dirt from the glass. However, if we neglect it, it can damage our windshield as well.

Windshield wipers 2 -
Maintenance of windshield wipers

How to make windshield wipers last longer

If we hear windshield wipers squeak On the windshield Once activated, it means it is time to do so Replace them. They are usually changed Every 6-12 months But to make it last longer, you can take some useful precautions. with Maximum spend is 5 eurosWe can help your windshield wipers last longer. What do we need? Water and neutral soap Mr. Dr vinegar. With this mixture we go to cleaning windshield wiper rubber, Eliminate dirt or grease residue.

But remember not to let it dry out ShoeUnlike that Heat can break down rubber From the windshield wipers. Also check if helpless Your windshield wipers show signs of wear or damage. In addition to water, you can also use neutral soap and vinegar vaseline To give more softness To the windshield. Use windshield wipers properlythat is, not when the windshield is up dry s Very dirtyOtherwise they will break more easily.