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Cambiano le REGOLE per le PENSIONI

It changes everything! List of workers who will be able to get early rest »

Pensions: Change Everything! List of workers who will be able to take an early rest

Pension rules changeRetirement change requirements, although not for everyone. Committee on heavy work trend 203 number of heavy tasks You can be allowed Go to rest from work before others, 63 years old.

This, in short, is the novelty in view of the expiration, at the end of the year, quota 100. The committee recalculated the statistical indicators it provided snoozeAnd Enel so stateAnd who – which Assessment of physical and psychological fatigue Of the tasks performed as well as indicators related to injuries and accidents at work.
calendar? In terms of categories, Compared to 15 expected So far, the committee Select another 27 The potentials with a combined index of occupational disease and accidents are above average.

Here is the list, according to the newspaper Corriere della Sera:

– cleaners – care workers and domestic workers – welders – taxi drivers – carpenters – suitcases – bus and tram drivers – petrol stations – mine machine drivers – primary school teachers – shop assistants – cashiers – qualified health workers – warehouse workers – porters – Foresters.

These categoriesAnd after a joint decision of the Ministries of Economy, Finance and Labour, So they can be added to the so-called hard work.
Currently, the latter are grouped into 15 categories:

1) Workers of the mining, construction and building maintenance industries. 2) Drivers of cranes or mobile machinery for excavation in buildings.
3) Tanners skins and furs;
4) Train drivers and train crew.
5) Drivers of heavy vehicles and trucks.
6) Staff health care professions Nurses and midwives in hospitals who work on a shift basis;
7) workers to help people in conditions that are not self-sufficient;
8) Kindergarten teachers and kindergarten teachers.
9) portersand workers transporting goods and the like;
10) Hiring unqualified employees for cleaning services.
11) Environmental operators and other waste collectors and separators.
To these 11 categories stipulated in Law 232/2016, 4 categories have been added under Law 205 of 2017, which are:
12) First and second smelting iron and steel workers and glass workers working at high temperatures.
13) Agriculture workers from Animal husbandry and fishing;
14) hunters coastal fishing, inland waters, on the high seas, employees or members of cooperatives;
15) Sailors board ships, sea transport personnel and inland waters.

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Class extension can set approx 20,000 potential exits for workers. Very positive impact of stressful sectors that cause most work accidents in that age group.