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From tax-free night work to religious trips, tourism measures are being implemented

From tax-free night work to religious trips, tourism measures are being implemented

From tax relief on night or holiday work for tourism workers to new regulation of short-term rentals, through an increased share of tax-free shopping, resources to support “accessible” tourism for people with disabilities, ski lifts and religious trails. And interventions related to the jubilee. In every expected maneuver 260 million euros For a period of three years 2024-2026 Which will be used to refinance funds allocated for tourism.

Turismo Magazine – 12/30/2023

Santanchi: A brave maneuver

To the Minister of Tourism Daniela Santanchi “It is an important moment of connection that, on the one hand, complements the path taken this year and, on the other hand, lays the foundations for continuing the path charted in recent months with the necessary measures to increase the country’s competitive level.” The Italian tourism offer and encourage moving away from seasonality also through work-related interventions, such as tax relief for nights and holidays. “We are sure – Santanchi continues – that there is a lot of work to be done, but the measures taken, at a historic moment like this, show the interest of an executive who is putting tourism at the heart of the political agenda for the first time in a year in our nation’s history.”

Tax exemption for night and overtime work

Among the measures related to the tourism sector included in the 2024 Budget Law is a tax exemption for workers in hotel tourism establishments on night work and overtime on official holidays: an intervention aimed at ensuring job stability and compensating for the labor shortage. Shortage of labor supply In the tourism, hospitality and health resorts sectors. Measurement, refers to the first Semester 2024It consists of a special supplementary treatment equivalent to 15% of the gross wage paid in respect of night work and overtime performed on public holidays.

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News for kids too Short term rentals: sale al 26% Taxes For those who have chosen flat rate tax, which replaces income tax and related surcharges, plus stamp duty registration fees on the lease. The rate is reduced to 21% For income resulting from short-term rental contracts related to a single real estate unit that the taxpayer indicates in the tax return.

Short-term rentals, what changes from 2024?

Tax-free shopping: possible from 70 euros

In order to support the recovery of the national tourism supply chain and promote the relaunch of Italy's tourism attractiveness at the international level, the government has changed the rules for “tax-free shopping”: from February 1, 2024 It has been significantly reduced (from 154.95 a 70 euros)The minimum transport value of goods intended for personal or family use to be transported in personal baggage outside the EU customs territory, and transported to persons domiciled or domiciled outside the EU, above which VAT is not payable.