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Windows 10 Microsoft is lifting a two-year-old ban on upgrading to Windows 11

Windows 10 Microsoft is lifting a two-year-old ban on upgrading to Windows 11

Microsoft He announced that he had Fixed an old bug that was preventing some computers from upgrading to Windows 11the latest version of the famous operating system.

The problem, known for more than two years, affects systems equipped with the audio driver Intel Smart Sound Technology (Intel SST). The computers in question use 11th generation Intel processors, and use drivers or Microsoft provided a simple way around the problem: it was enough to update the driver to a newer version ( or and later), after downloading it manually from the manufacturer's website.

Microsoft removes Windows 11 installation block related to Intel SST drivers

The cluster related to the Intel SST audio drivers was defined as a “third-party cluster”, i.e. a situation in which Microsoft did not intend to intervene directly but preferred to wait until third-party companies resolved incompatibilities in their software and drivers. And so it was, Intel released updated drivers and users were able to fix the issue by installing it on their systems.

Now, however, Microsoft has marked The crash issue is marked as “Resolved”, compared to the “Mitigated” issue previously in the documentation. like? In the note, Microsoft explains that the new drivers are compatible It is now distributed via automatic updates via Windows Update. Therefore, users interested in updating to Windows 11 do not have to do anything except wait for the system to detect the presence of the correct drivers and authorize the update.

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The company warns that it may be necessary Up to 48 hours before the blockage is permanently removed, even after installing updated drivers. But we are sure that the vast majority of users have already solved the issue previously, simply by manually updating their system drivers.