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Good news for those who have a Samsung or LG TV: the gift is available

Good news for those who have a Samsung or LG TV: the gift is available

There is great news for those who own a Samsung or LG TV. There is a gift available and coming, what is it?

More and more people in recent years They decided to focus on televisionWhich is increasingly performing. Both from a connectivity point of view, with useful smart functions for downloading and using Streaming applications, from the quality of vision. Even large companies know this well, offering models with fixed standards 4K, UHD, HDR etc.

Samsung and LG TV, there is a gift for all owners –

But that's not all, because you should also know that they are used a lot Loyalty works To convince more users to rely on one brand or the other. If you already have it Samsung or LG TVThere is great news for you. In fact, you should know that a great gift is available, and here's what it is and what you need to do to order it right away.

Do you have a Samsung or LG TV? Here's the gift you deserve

For everyone who has it Samsung or LG branded TV, Recently, great news was announced that will definitely make you very happy. A real gift that is freely accessible and will give you the opportunity to access More complete entertainment than in the past.

This great gift is available to those who have a Samsung or LG TV –

We are talking specifically about the new agreement with Sony Pictures Entertainment. Which announced the launch of its new fleet of free TV channels. Which will be supported by advertising on LG, Samsung TV Plus and TiVo+ channels. they are fine 54 new stations available across EuropeWhich makes Sony One one of the most important FAST channel groups. With final implementation already scheduled for April.

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Among these we point outo Sony One Comedy TV; Sony One Thriller TV, Sony One Comedy HITS and Action HITS And much more. We are facing Significant expansion of FAST's business From Sony Pictures Entertainment, with the aim of making this type of content available to an ever-increasing number of users.

Our entry into the FAST space in Europe reflects our commitment to making premium content accessible to audiences“ explained the Senior Vice President of Digital Sales, Distribution and SPE at Sony Pete Wood. In addition to Italy, the United Kingdom, Germany, France, Spain, Sweden, Denmark, Norway and Finland are also included in this important launch.