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“Who’s Emma going to be? Shame” chain reaction: The case breaks out

“Who’s Emma going to be? Shame” chain reaction: The case breaks out

to Chain reactionthe Rai Uno quiz show, which she hosted Marco LiorniIt’s still time for debate. After the recent victory of Rumpikabo who received €3,875 in gold coins, a storm broke out on social media. As has already happened in recent weeks in the eyes of viewers who commented on the episode live on Twitter, the restrictions have ended. This scenario was also repeated with the new heroes of “Le amiche in wave”. In this case too, the “last series” became a topic of discussion on social media, complete with protests. The last series consists of these words: bronte, pistachio, ice cream, microphone, singer, madame, emma bovary, brown, chestnut, taken, concentrated, moderate.

And the truth “Emma” and “Brown” The jibes of the show’s fans were unleashed through tweets: “In two evenings, they donated more money than they made poor Dai and Dai sweat,” one user wrote, lamenting the heroes who They won the jackpot During this summer.

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There are those who strongly criticize the choice of the last series: “This series is a shame and deserves condemnation.” Then there are those who posted the accompanying picture of the chain with a sarcastic comment: “Who is this Maroun?” In short, a ranked champion game Ray Ono He always manages to impress the audience, which is divided into different factions that support the new heroes, and there are those who regret it Give and givethe. But one thing is certain: Marco Llorini’s show has become a cult, and the series that keep viewers glued to the TV are successful. At least for the share. In fact, the viewing figures, despite Die E Die’s departure from the scene, have not suffered any shocks and now Marco Llorni is also preparing to land in prime time.

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