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His wife, Emma, ​​returns to update fans on the actor’s health condition

His wife, Emma, ​​returns to update fans on the actor’s health condition

wife Bruce Willis, Emma Hemming Willisrecently provided the press and fans with An influential update on the actor’s health condition And on his actual ability to understand his diagnosis.

Earlier this year, Bruce Willis was diagnosed with the condition Frontotemporal dementia (also known as FTD), a global cognitive impairment that specifically affects memory, language skills, general behavior, and communication. The disease, which appears at approximately the age of 55-65 years, is present today Incurable and irreversibleBut the family hopes that thanks to the media interest in Bruce Willis, things can change in the coming years.

For this reason, the actor’s wife became a spokeswoman World Frontotemporal Dementia Awareness Week. One of the characteristics of dementia is often the inability of the patient to understand the true state of his health. When asked about How aware Willis is of his conditionThe wife simply replied: “It’s hard to say”Adding that it was both a relief and a tragedy for the family to receive the heartbreaking diagnosis.

“It is difficult primarily for the patient, but also for his family.”Emma Hemming Willis said. “Bruce’s case is no exception, just as I and our two daughters are no exception. And they are absolutely right when they say that “family illness”».

Willis’s condition, of course, required him to do so Say goodbye to cinema and actingTo the deep sadness of his fans. Fortunately, all is not lost: according to the latest rumours, fans may soon see him again on the big screen in a final emotional farewell in the film. Film critic to Quentin Tarantino. After more than 30 years Pulp fictionThe director actually wants him with him One last cameoa fitting tribute to his career and which could be his final farewell.

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Obviously, everything will depend on Bruce Willis’ health condition and the family’s wishes: if his condition does not allow him to be on set, Tarantino He would already have a backup plan readyThat is, using some clips from his films.

source: THR
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