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LDA or Nunzio, who eliminated Amici 2022?  / Zerbie out!

LDA or Nunzio, who eliminated Amici 2022? / Zerbie out!

It’s time to find out who was eliminated Evening of the sixth day of Amici 21. At the end of the last offers from LDA and Nunzio, they all return home, waiting for Maria de Filippi’s usual contact with the outcome. The two exposed face each other first and Nunzio admits he’d still be happy to go out against him. “I did my best, I couldn’t go further here,” Nunzio admits, realizing his potential and the fact that he didn’t start his journey in September like the others. On the other hand, the LDA is inconsolable: “The problem is that if I don’t go out today, I will go out next time. Today I forgot all the words.” And here is the voice of Maria ready to give the result of the jury vote that she decided to disqualify this evening, Despite feelings and expectations, she is LDA. Eliminated from the evening of the sixth day of Amici 21. (Update by Ana Montesano)

Dario is safe on the ballot: The challenge between LDA and Nunzio

The final ballot is being challenged, which, before judging the two in peril, is played by three. The first to perform is Ambassador in graceful and dynamic choreography; Follow LDA Who performs in his song titled “Sorry”. Finally, gallery Dario On the beats of La La Land’s soundtrack. This last show leaves no doubts for the jury who saves Dario himself. So, it is LDA and Nunzio in particular who are fighting for everything: the last performances before going home to see which of them should abandon the Amici 21 school. copa de la vida for the dancer but the sky is always bluer for the singer are the last two performances on stage Amici 21 (updated by Anna Montesano)

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Dario ends up on the ballot but…

The third round of Amici evening 2022 It ended with the second consecutive victory for Celentano and Zerbi, this time over Pepparini and Bettenelli who continue their losing streak. The team still fails to win and sees the last two remaining items go to the ballot: Dario and Alps. The first performs in an influential choreography on the notes of Lucio Dalla; On the other hand, the singer brings to the stage one of his unreleased works, Millevoci.

The jury has a job to save one and let the other go to the final ballot: at the end of the vote, it’s Dario who ends up for the second time in a row at risk of disqualification. The Pipparini dancer will have to clash with LDA and Nunzio. (Updated by Anna Montesano)

Nunzio ends up voting against LDA

The second round of Evening of the sixth day of Amici 21 It ends with the victory of the Zerbe team and Celentano over the team of Kocarini and Todaro. And so two dancers, Serena and Nunzio, and singer Alex, end up on a ballot. The three perform before the jury and discover that the first to escape this time is Serena. The vote continues to save Alex. So it is Nunzio who finishes in the second round in the second round. Waiting for him is already LDA in temporary elimination. However, there is a third heat missing with a third temporarily ruled out: this time it will be Peparini and Pettinelli’s team to risk a pupil. (Updated by Anna Montesano)

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Nunzio and LDA in the 2022 Amici Ballot

until the 6th Evening of Amici 2022 It will be marked by a final vote leading to the disqualification of the pupil. Since last week, the eliminated 2022 Amici is no longer two per episode but just one. This will happen again this evening as, according to previews, the end of the episode will be reached with three temporary players ready to compete to stay in the game. This means that each heat will have a temporary disqualification for a total of three students at risk. The usual final challenge for Amici 21 on stage would be three, then a student in danger would be rescued by the jury and only two would play for the place.

Nunzio, Dario and LDA These are the three names that will end up at risk of disqualification on the evening of the 6th Amici 2022. Three names are not entirely new on the ballot: Nunzio is a student of Raimundo Todaro and has already faced several ballots so far; Dario is a pupil of Veronica Piparini, except for last week’s hair against Carola. LDA, the pupil of the zerby, is the only new entry in the final ballot. But which of them will have to leave Talent tonight?

LDA or Nunzio, who was eliminated on the evening of 21 Amici

Let’s start by saying that according to the previews, the first to save himself this time is Dario. LDA and Nunzio So they are the students on the final ballot for Amici 21. Once again the disqualification will be revealed at home, at the end of the episode. At the end of the qualifiers, all students will be sent home and there Maria de Filippi will reach out at the end of the jury vote to announce the name of the eighth eliminated from the evening of 21 Amici. But among the two students I had to give up school and compete? According to VicolodelleNews’s reviews, it appears to have They dropped out of Amici School 21 On this sixth evening it was Nunzio. So Raimundo Todaro lost his Latin dancer, remaining in competition only with Serena.

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