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Who is Lorena Cesarini, who co-hosted The Second Night of San Remo 2022

Who is Lorena Cesarini, who co-hosted The Second Night of San Remo 2022

Lorena Cesarini She is one of five co-hosts who will join Amadeus on the stage of the 72nd San Remo Festival. Christmas kicks off on the first Tuesday of February and Lorena will be the champion of evening two.

Romanian actress loved by audience for her role Isabelle in the Suburra . serieswhere it reads next to Alessandro Borghi. But how did Lorena Cesarini’s career begin? Let’s get into the details.

Who is Lorena Cesarini, co-host of San Remo

class 1987 Lorena Cesarini was born in Dakar, in Senegal, of a Senegalese mother and an Italian father. At just three months old, the actress moves with her family to RomeWhere he still lives. She lost her father, a Romanian businessman, when she was very young. Today she has a good relationship with her new stepfather, the owner of two restaurants in the capital, in the Monti district.

Lorena Cesarini has a degree in Contemporary History And before starting her career as an actress, she worked in the Central State Archives. She was also a waitress in a bar. Then register in Acting Study Center By Lucilla Lupaioli who changed her life.

In the cinema, he made his debut in 2014 with the movie orange and hammer. In 2015, he acted in the Leonardo Perraccione movie Professor CinderellaWhile in 2017, he starred in the first episode of the Al-Rai series Bastards of Pizzofalcone.

and always in 2017 The turning point has come. Lorena Cesarini She was selected for the role of Isabelle (The bitch he falls in love with) Suburra . seriesWhere he works with Alessandro Borghi. The role he wins over the general public.

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Currently, the actress is engaged to a person who is not part of the entertainment world. Big fan of RomeNeedless to say, his idol is the ex-captain Francesco Totti.

Lorena Cesarini, monologue on integration

Amadeus suggestion Participation in Sanremo 2022 came completely unexpectedly, but Lorena Cesarini had no doubts. “The call from Amadeus – Says – Arrived on January 1st. I thought about it for zero seconds, I jumped for joy, it was my best New Year’s greetings».

At the Ariston Theater Lorena will talk about integration. He will be talking about a topic.Italy is far behindThe Romanian actress explained that she has learned to live with the haters who attack her on social media because of the color of her skin.

Suburra’s translator says it’s ready for Sanremo 2022. «I will face the festival with my head held high».

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