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Which areas will remain in the dark?

Life, the world and the universe are all things that are part of a beautiful puzzle that fascinates everyone in one way or another. Soon, in this regard, the sky will give us two beautiful phenomena: a lunar eclipse, scheduled for November 8, and a solar eclipse, however, we will have to wait a few more months. Here, then, is all there is to know.

November eclipse –

Have you ever thought about how small humanity compares to the sizeUniverse? Definitely yes, especially when our gaze inevitably turns upward in the presence of a starry sky. And sometimes, it happens to be even more magical than what surrounds us, thanks to the gods natural phenomenon known as eclipse.

Eclipse is no more thanalignment of three (or more) orbs on the same level. As far as our galaxy is concerned, the heroes are obviously the Earth, the Sun, and the Moon. The latter has always attracted much admiration, both in the wax and waning phases and in the full moon phase. It is also not uncommon to be taken into account moon phases For some of our daily chores such as cutting hair.

In short, whether it is full or not, the moon is undoubtedly considered one of the most beautiful and beautiful of the celestial bodies among those known, and for this reason Lunar eclipse It has always aroused particular interest and curiosity. Let’s find out, together, some intriguing things about them: When will the next event happen and from what parts of the world it will be Visible.

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Lunar eclipse: when and where to see it

A lunar eclipse is an astronomical phenomenon that does not happen every day and that is why if you want to witness showYou must always be aware of the matter. The next eclipse will happen today November 8Unfortunately, it will only be visible in certain parts of the world.

Lunar eclipse
Lunar eclipse –

Tuesday, November 8, 2022, therefore, the full moon He will appear, along with a lunar eclipse the total. However, our continent is not part of the parts of the Earth from which it will be visible, unlike Australia; Iceland; North Amarica; Asia; South america; North Pole; Antarctica. The Pacific Ocean; Atlantic Ocean and Indian Ocean.

Full Moon –

However, the most curious and passionate people will still be able to attend this show at flowthrough the private web and social pages dedicated to astronomy.

The most anticipated phenomenon of 2023

The year 2023 is approaching, and even before it begins it already seems like a long year Special From an astronomical point of view. Next April, in fact, a wonderful phenomenon is expected:total solar eclipse.

solar eclipse
Total solar eclipse –

A solar eclipse occurs between her and the Earth and the moon standing in her way, giving life to a unique spectacle. However, even then, if we wanted to witness alive what heaven would give us, we would have to carry the wine to Exmouth, in Australia.

At about 11.27 (local time) on April 20, 2023This site will remain completely in the dark On the occasion of this astronomical phenomenon that will take everyone’s breath as usual.

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