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Whatsapp the little known trick to send a different location

Whatsapp the little known trick to send a different location

Not everyone knows the trick to sending a different location on Whatsapp – here’s what it is and details about it to follow

There are many ideas and curiosities inherent in the use of Whatsapp, such as those associated with the position: Not everyone knows a trick to send a different position, here are the details.

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when it comes to b The WhatsApp Refer to the note instant messaging chat, widely and widely used. In this regard, attention is never lacking in signals, the Careers and the resulting probabilities from the app Itself. If so, this is a particularly useful function in some cases, and one that neatly correlates with The WhatsApp, Chat “green”, and everythingPost position.

Maybe think about a time when you have an appointment with a friend and relative and want to be reached. You may not have complete knowledge of where you are. At the same time, matter Site As fun it can also be a crossover, because it can become complicated, for example, to hide one’s lateness with friends and colleagues with the aim of making an appointment.

Indeed, if a stranger asks for it, it will be enough to ignore him or prevent him, but the case will be different if it is a well-known and familiar person, who, perhaps, for example, wants to know where the latecomer is. is for an appointment. Or anyway to send a different site of the places indicated.

Different Whatsapp Trick: How It Works

There are many related items when it comes to The WhatsAppthus you get the opportunity to send a file different site Compared to the real and current user of any user in question. It is necessary, in the chat, to click on the icon below that allows to open a series of and options. This is the situation “vote” Born in “Call”. And again, who “document”, there “Camera”. then “Gallery” And the “the sound”.

In this case, we should not dwell on these matters, but we should address them “your location”. After clicking, you will be taken to a file screen a map.However, by not clicking “real time dose or that “Stream”you will select a file lens of zoom.

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This way you can search for a file place And send the original Site. So the user will be able to choose a file different point on the map in the question. In a faster way, there will be some under the map Tips related to nearby places. If one of these is useful, you can easily click on it and it will be sent to you in the chat.