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The Messenger and the wretch brought down the last of the layers -

The Messenger and the wretch brought down the last of the layers –

We continue and conclude with an overview of the various layers to elden ring With the two new genres announced today, which close the way to knowing personality types: The prophet and the wretch.

The prophet, who is usually depicted as a blindfolded man, with a kind of poppy around his neck, is a character who, as legends know, is not properly received by the population, perhaps because of his ability to predict bad events. He’s a fighter with a special flair for healing and religious spells, an item that particularly stands out in basic stats.

Il Disgraziato (spelled precisely in the voice of Lino Banfi), “Wretch” in the original language, practically corresponds to the distinction category of Dark Souls and is rather Difficult To use it, so much so that director Hidetaka Miyazaki himself has also pushed to warn players to only use it if you feel prepared for a very difficult challenge. He is represented half-naked in the official illustrations, deprived in part due to a lack of equipment at first.

In total they 10 chapters announced For Elden Ring, here’s the summary:

We remind you that the Elden ring will be available starting from February 25 2022 On PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X | S.

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