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WhatsApp Increases Controls: Revolutionizing Chats, and How to Hide Everything

WhatsApp Increases Controls: Revolutionizing Chats, and How to Hide Everything

WhatsApp is about to increase controls, and all users will now be safe: here’s what this function is all about.

WhatsApp has always been about keeping users safe. It is not an easy task, so it can require a lot of working time. Sometimes it takes weeks or months of development, so Add or edit posts on WhatsApp. The effort put in by the developers cannot be ignored after all. We are talking about a series of very useful settings that should not be made available to the user.

A new feature is coming to WhatsApp: discover it now –

But now WhatsApp is about to get better again. In fact, he reported that he is planning to release a new Android update. It will offer a feature initially available only to beta users. Users They will have the ability to block chats, which makes it more private. But how does this innovation work, and when exactly will it be released? Read on to learn all about this new setup!

Blocking chats on WhatsApp is now possible: here’s the big change in the app

In fact, WhatsApp already launched this feature in May. It’s called chat lock, and it actually exists To keep important conversations private. When one of these chats is blocked, protection of non-blocking data via authentication automatically begins. This means that only the device owner can read that conversation. Unless you have access, it becomes impossible to open a hidden conversation on WhatsApp.

How to hide conversations on WhatsApp
Here’s how to hide WhatsApp chats –

Now this function will be improved thanks to this new introduction. As a rule, strangers who access your mobile phone cannot see locked chats. Data is required for authentication, it’s true, but it’s still ineffective. However, with the new functionality, the question changes completely. Now users will be able to take advantage of the new Secret code to hide/see blocked chats.

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To activate this function you can select the item “Hide blocked chats”, This is to keep the conversation you choose confidential. We will know more information about the update later, so we should stay tuned to find out more. This is a very useful feature and we will definitely use it. Users have been eagerly waiting for a feature like this, so that they can hide their private conversations without much hassle. Have you ever wished they would add a setting like this? No one will complain anymore.