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Activision Blizzard apologizes for the tool that ranks diversity of characters -

Overwatch 2 will still include a narrative campaign triptych –

Monitor 2 will include a country side fantasy of triple: In that sense, moving to a free-to-play model did not change the development team’s plans, according to game director Aaron Keeler.

Overwatch 2 will debut with a new trailer on Xbox Showcase PvE items Which, says Keeler, “is still what we imagined for the game.” In short, no cuts were made compared to the original vision of this new chapter of the Blizzard series.

“There will be a Triple A campaign that will tell a linear story, but also a highly replayable mode for the progression of heroes. The only difference is that this content will not be fully released with launch, but instead Divided into different seasons. ”

“some talent We created it for a really amazing PvE experience that is fun to use, for example Tracer can basically stop time with one of these skills. It’s really cool, but things like that can’t work in PvP matches,” continued the game director.

In this regard, Keeler clarified that the team was working on a system similar to the original Overwatch as well, but those competitive games require you to know exactly what kind of skills the characters have, which is also why talents designed for PvE can’t be ported to PvP.

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