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What is the former Amici star doing today

What is the former Amici star doing today


Ex-Amechi star Di Maria de Filippi landed another star in Avanti… Even in the evening: what he did after participating in the talent show

Where were you Leonardo Fumarola? The dancer who starred in 2001 Maria de Filippi’s friends (At the time of calling the program They will be famous), ad landed Come last… even in the evening! Before the volcanic tandem you formed Paulo Bonolis e Luca Llorente. As soon as he sat down to try his hand at the competition show, the conductor recalled the dancer’s experience in the talent broadcast by Canal Singh. Fumarola, who was among Saranno Famosi’s most beloved competitors, took the ball to explain the professional path he took after attending a dance school promoted by major mediaset.

I always deal with entertainment, I evolved from somersaulting: I do high-stakes shows for global companies ”, said the performer, receiving the compliments of Bonolis who then made a joke to Llorente:She sees that he has evolved, she does not evolve Llorente. Fumarola then answered questions to try to collect prize money to win it in the final. Too bad he gave wrong answers, failed to climb and was eliminated.

Leonardo Fumarola from Amici / Saranno Famosi: What he did after participating in the talent show

Fumarola, today 38enne, who became famous on TV in 2001: in that version of friendsAlthough the singer won in the end Dennis FantinaHe was one of the most loved and appreciated competitors. After the track in talent, she continued to work in the world of dance. From 2002 to 2006 he was a member of the dance troupe Buon Domenica, while in 2015 he performed in an episode of Italia’s Got Talent with the Origami dance group.

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In 2017, he was seen on the fourth evening of the San Remo Festival when he performed on stage with Katakl Athletic Dance Theatre’s air dancers. Acrobats put on a crazy show and fireworks. Fumarola, together with Katakli, as well as Sanremo, performed all over the world.

The dancer also founded a dance company in his hometown ASD Flylandand its Technical Director. Compared to his participation in Amici, Leonardo changed physically a lot. Today he wears a beard, mustache and long hair gathered in a pigtail.