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Sophie and Alessandro are at odds

Sophie and Alessandro are at odds

It all started with Gianmaria and Davide’s decision to fill a bottle of wine with water to make a joke on Sully while the influencer, with Sophie’s complicity, hid one of them to play a joke on the boys. While Sophie and Gianmaria were chatting their respective jokes to come to an agreement, Alessandro turned to Codegoni, calling her a “loser” and calling on her to step away from the console.

After Soleil tries to bring peace to the situation, Sophie takes refuge in her room and bursts into tears, while Mirjana, Jessica, and Lulu try to console her. So now it seems that the girl no longer wants to accept the way Alessandro treats her. “I told him some important things, I really trusted him,” she says, frustrated with tears. Kodigoni gets so angry that she decides to take Bacciano’s clothes and pull her out of the room.

Later in the night, Sophie and Alessandro meet in an attempt to clarify, but the situation seems to have already reached a point of no return. The two continue to blame each other for their mistakes and the longer the discussion continues, the higher the tone of voice. In the end, Sulli steps in and tries to make peace between the two who seem to have allowed themselves a truce. But how long will it last?

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