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The new pension puzzle.  Struggle over age and contributions

What changes from April 2 on pensions: follow the news

As expected by the INPS with Circular No. 38, published on March 8, starting from April 2, the so-called odds 102: All 64-year-old taxpayers with at least 38 years of contributions paid by December 31, 2022 will be able to retire early.


The April 2 Therefore, it is the day the new pension system stipulated in the 2022 Budget Act actually comes into force. However, access to it on that date will not be granted to all Italian citizens: they will be able to immediately take advantage of the benefits offered by Quota 102 only workers in the private sector and self-employed workers registered in the exclusive administration of Ago (compulsory public insurance). In fact, the differences in the existing pension treatment according to the type of work performed by the person concerned (whether independent, private or public) and the type of pension administration, are defined within the above circular.

For workers in the private sector and the self-employed, the reference date is next April 2, but just in case, as expected, we are talking about an exclusive management of the needle. In the event that it is a different administration, the pension can only be paid from the date of May 1, 2022.

On the other hand, public sector workers who have completed quota 102 requirements, will have to wait until the next date 2nd of July. As of this date, however, it pertains only to those registered with Ago’s exclusive management. For all taxpayers registered in other departments, it will be necessary to wait until at least August 1.

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disability allowance

inside circular 38,snooze Clearly identified that the normal disability allowance It is not permissible to convert it to an old-age pension, and today it is an early pension, which is the early pension referred to in Article 14 of Legislative Decree No. 4/2019..

This means that those who haveDue within the period referred to in Article 14 of Legislative Decree No. 4/2019 amended by Article 1, Paragraph 87 of Law No. 234/2021. The expected requirements for quota 102 before they become holders of an ordinary disability allowance or during the ownership of the allowance itself can apply for early retirement even after the period referred to in Article 14 mentioned above only in the case that ends at the same time Ownership of the ordinary disability allowance for lack of confirmation or as a result of a review for health reasons.