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What are the symptoms?  Why does he become in control?

What are the symptoms? Why does he become in control?

Milan, September 9, 2023 – Here we go again Coronavirus disease. In fact, the unwelcome guest we have been living with for over three years has never left. But in recent weeks, there has been a noticeable rebound in the number of infections, hospitalizations, and deaths. It has nothing to do with the numbers we remember in the more severe stages of the pandemic, it’s true, but Enough to raise the level of interest.

Iris variant and Pirola variant: the new ‘versions’ of Covid

New variables

The increase in cases, according to specialists, is due to new variants. there Pirola (BA.2.86), above all, Iris (EG.5), which seems to have Greater capacity Compared to the latest versions of the disease Undermining immune defenses. Even among those who have already had the disease and have completed the vaccination course.

Not surprisingly: viruses – as we have learned to know since Covid appeared on Earth – evolve in an attempt to reproduce and find “hospitality” in the bodies of their targets, namely us humans.

What are the symptoms?

New variant Iris – In Italy today it is confirmed in 40% of sequences, and thus dominant now – does not look very different from the “colleagues” that came before it. The clinical picture found in people who test positive for EG.5 is: Very similar Which he found at the time he “took control” Omicron.

Many patients report symptoms similar to the most common allergies: nRunny nose, cough, sore throat, upper respiratory congestion. However, there is one detail to note: Iris appears to have one Important ability to injure the lungs. The first scientific research on the variant – which has not yet been validated – would confirm this property, which in more fragile patients could manifest more serious symptoms.

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And Pirola?

The less frequent variant, at least for now, seems to be the Pirola model. However, it can be more dangerous. Indeed, BA.2.86 highlights a large number of mutations in the spikeThis is a characteristic that can “help” him overcome immunity resulting from previous vaccinations or infections. Therefore an updated vaccine is required for the upcoming fall season.

Hence, Pirola, in addition to the usual symptoms, may also cause high temperature (up to 39 degrees), a cold, and loss of the sense of taste or smell.