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podcast.  Housing emergency, meeting point: "The presence of young people under 30 is very high. The main difficulties are psychological "

podcast. Housing emergency, meeting point: “The presence of young people under 30 is very high. The main difficulties are psychological “

Trento. A new date, episode two, with TrenTopicthe hero of the story Cooperative meeting point. to hold the seat ishousing emergencyaffecting large and increasingly heterogeneous groups of people.

The Assembly point coordinator for the reception sector he is Michel BossoShe, who has been in business for nearly twenty years and former president of the co-op, now tracks homeless people for the nonprofit Trentino.

The cooperative takes care of people on the edge of town every day. The story begins in 1977 when Don Dante Closer let her Diocese of San Pietro In Trento we “be friends with those who have no friends”, and share life on the street with “vagrants” for a while.

In 1979, he and eight other members founded the cooperative Punto d’Incontro to provide answers to the basic needs of the homeless, through an invitation to lunch “Sit down and let’s talkA story from then to today made up of people, relationships, experiences, goals achieved, ideals missed and a future to be built.

The cooperative is interested in all those people who are attracted to the Trentino region and who do not have access to a home or services related to the home dimension. The cooperative is already famous in the area since 1979 first serviceAnd the Concrete help for those who ask for it without looking at the faces of those in front of them. An outstretched hand goes beyond just handing out a hot mealbut focuses on listening to the objection of real needs.

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“At the meeting point – explains Bosu – many different people need help, There is no typical profile and the stories you hear are among the most diverse. Surprisingly, the presence of young people under the age of thirty is very high. Another great presence is the attendance of adults over 50. On the other hand, the presence of people with origins outside the European Union has decreased significantly in the past two years.”

The main difficulties faced by people who resort to co-ops are psychological. This is the challenge that is met through active listening. Bosso explains that Trentino’s welfare system is working well enough, and fortunately the rally point is a last resort: “It is hoped that institutional support will not fail in the coming years.”

On the other hand, the focus of volunteering remains crucial. Without volunteers, an essential element of the rally point work would be missing. However, the problem with the housing emergency lies in the approach to the issue itself. It is actually a problem that must be viewed as a whole. An emergency letter does not work because it is not only a winter problem, it is present all year round. The real problem is poverty. The people who come to the meeting point are not a separate problem from our society, But they are an integral part of it. Poverty is precisely the product of this society, and we have to take responsibility for it, each of us. Bosso concludes that an “assembly point” alone cannot compensate for a common mission.

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Cooperative Punto d’Incontro takes care of homelesssubordinate poorersubordinate Excludedsubordinate People who do not have the resources to meet basic needsof those, young and old, whom the vicissitudes of life have deprived of important human relationships, and who have been driven to live on the road.