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Weather trend for next weekend, first forecasts « 3B Meteo


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Weather trend for next weekend, first forecasts « 3B Meteo
Weather trends for the weekend of 16-17 March

An increase in cloud cover should affect some of our regions Friday, especially the Tyrrhenian, will occur in conjunction with the strengthening of a high pressure field from western Europe towards the country. Cloud cover formed by westerly moist intrusions within the anticyclone should not be particularly productive. During Saturday it may cause some disturbances especially in the Central-South Tyrrhenian regions, with some scattered showers. Northern areas appear to be less involved, and more stable.

Meanwhile, the anticyclone looks set to strengthen further so the week ends A Sunday is marked by more stability in the Mid-South. However, during Sunday, the upper edge of the echo will approach the tail of the front moving towards more northerly latitudes. Partly due to a possible deterioration in the weatherand northern Italy, Especially with disturbances directed towards alpine regions. However, the forecast uncertainty is very high due to the temporal distance, and it is not possible to date to go into more detail. We advise you to follow the next updates.

The concentration of pollutants in your area will vary depending on current and forecasted weather conditions. To find out the pollution rate, check our air quality maps, always updated >> Air Quality.

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