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Security of new home and friends

Security of new home and friends

Chiara Ferragni She is in New York, USA for work and is far away from her, almost “ex” husband Fedes. The two clashed after a heated argument during a Valentine's Day party, but relations between the two were already frozen. “We are facing a crisis that is a little harder than other times,” Ciara said during an interview with Fabio Fazio without going further, but the two talk and talk because they love and respect each other. According to some rumours, Ferragni is looking for a place outside of Italy to stay away from rumours, and the choice may fall on America, where the businessman has a lot of support from his circle of friends. .

Love for Feddes and Vittoria and Leon

Fedes returns to his roots, Rojano's rapper with out-of-the-box songs. He seems to have returned to live in his loft in the Navigli area of ​​Milan, but his love for Leon and Vittoria leads him to always be a loving father, preventing them from feeling some discord between the two children. Parents and two families.

Today, March 10, despite the bad weather, the father and children went to the stadium to support Milan, and Ciara is still in the Hamptons, perhaps, looking for a home for herself and the children.

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