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Weather: SUNNY in June, but with some thunderstorms

Weather: SUNNY in June, but with some thunderstorms

This morning we open with Expected maximum temperatures in Italy this afternoon:

Summer values ​​on the peninsulaEven if records are not broken. stand out 34 degrees Sardinia and me 33 degrees Inland Sicily. The Adriatic side is slightly less hot due to a slight recoil from the east.

One dominates Italy Large high pressure area which remain solid in the lower layers. At high altitudes it exists instead The flow of cold currents from the northwest will light up Some storm in the mountains in the afternoon, But with a low risk of trespassing on the plains.

This weekend’s big heat wave will hit Western Europe. Fortunately, Italy will remain on the sidelines, Although it will be very hot in some areas.

The second map shows a file sunshine expected for today, Between 9 and 15:

here the My time You will notice in the afternoon On the Alps, Central and Northern Apennines, With low risk of encroachment on the plains and coasts. In all other areas excellent sunshine all day long.

Finally, let’s take a look at a file sunshine scheduled for tomorrow, Wednesday 15 June:

Almost the same situation: Possible afternoon thunderstorms over the Alps, central and northern ApenninesElsewhere, sunlight is excellent with fairly high temperatures.

Always check predictions Detailed and specific to your cityAnd the continuously updated:

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