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Losing weight and correcting your posture at the same time is possible thanks to this foolproof method

Losing weight and correcting your posture at the same time is possible thanks to this foolproof method

By following the exact instructions, it is possible, at the same time, to improve your posture and body tone during weight loss.

What he allows is a very unknown technique that, however, can change one’s life.


However, there is a way, perhaps not so well known, Which ensures not only the correct posture, but also weight loss. his name is skuma method It was invented by a personal trainer with just that name. Whoever adopts such a method must put it into practice every day. It allows you to use all your muscles without making great efforts. expect well 5 exercises Which, among other things, strengthens the abdomen and improves our breathing. Why is posture related to weight loss? Because with better postures it’s easier to lose weight, and let’s face it, not all the gyms we go to tell us in public.

Whatever the case, the method requires 5 minutes of our time for two weeks. From the third week onwards, you can only rest one day between one session and the next. Obviously, to get tangible results, in terms of weight loss, it is always a good idea to combine a healthy diet and plenty of water. But, staying on the topic of health, even if the topic is completely changed, we would like to point out two important news of the past few days. The first relates to an innovative technique that was performed for the first time in Italy on lung cancer patients.

The second, however, explains how a little-known plant is a powerful natural anti-inflammatory that is also beneficial for Alzheimer’s disease and Parkinson’s disease. Having said that, we know all the steps to follow in the Skoma method.

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The Scoma method is all that needs to be done to correct the situation, as well as lose weight

First, you need to lie down with your stomach down and put your hands behind your neck. Once this is done, the upper body is lifted, but not the abdomen which remains firmly on the floor. Continue to raise the legs together, but without bending the knees, and arching the back. While maintaining this position, cross your ankles and push your feet out. The exercise should be repeated 3 times as the position should be maintained for 10 seconds.

The second step involves the exact same position as the previous one with only one modification regarding the arms. In fact, it should be crossed under the chin while standing and the abdomen on the floor. This time bend your knees, separate them, and bend your ankles. Then the legs are raised and the feet are raised. The last thing you do is lift your thighs off the floor. The second exercise should be repeated 10 times and hold the position for only 6 seconds.

Final steps to follow

The third exercise requires the help of a chair in which you must sit with your arms at your sides while keeping your back straight. Then he raises one side of his hip, trying not to move his shoulders. Clinging to the edge of the chair to make sure the position remains very straight, then continue to raise one of her legs. The position should be maintained for 3 seconds, then repeat it again by changing sides. Further, for each side, the exercise must be repeated 10 times.

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The fourth step always starts from the chair. Then you sit on it, cross your arms while keeping your feet slightly apart. They grab the elbows with their hands and then put them on the knees. Cross arms should be raised in an attempt to keep the torso still. Hold the position for 6 seconds and repeat the exercise 10 times.

The final step involves rolling the body on the ground with the torso forward and the palms flat on the ground. After that, only the ends of the feet are raised, then the hands are opened with the hands open. Such an exercise requires stretching the body as much as possible and repeating it at least 10 times.