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Weather forecast, summer returns to Italy with peaks above 30 degrees in the south

Weather forecast, summer returns to Italy with peaks above 30 degrees in the south

( – From today, Monday, October 3, the influence of a large anti-cyclone field will extend to the entire Mediterranean basin, at the same time attracting warmer air, directly from North Africa. Here is the classicOctobera sunny, dry period, with temperatures well above seasonal averages at the beginning of autumn.

From a meteorological point of view, October refers to a period, typical of October, during which high pressure prevails for several days, which consequently causes conditions of atmospheric stability, the absence of rain, and a late summer climate.than autumn.

Roman October

Antonio SanoThe director and founder of the website announced that from today and throughout the week the sun will see its way and above all a noticeable increase in temperatures, especially in the center, south and the two main islands, with values ​​​​that can reach approximately 25/26 ° C during the hours The hottest, in cities such as Milan, Bologna, Florence, Rome and Naples. During the central daylight hours, local peaks above 30°C are not excluded on the main islands, a very respectable value for this period, which will make our country look back a few months. Stable and dry weather conditions should at least accompany us until the following weekend.

Forecasting in detail

Monday 3. In the north: good and warm weather. Center: many clouds over the Adriatic, scattered showers. In the south: good and warm weather.

Tuesday 4. In the North: Alternating between clouds and bright spells in an always dry context. In the middle: every sun. In the south: scattered showers over southern Sicily, sunshine elsewhere.

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Wednesday 5. In the north: more clouds over the plains, sunny elsewhere. Middle: Nice and warm weather. In the south: all the sun and warm weather.

Direction: In the following days, anti-vortex dominance will continue, possible morning fog over the flat areas in the north and on the valleys of the center. Always sunny and dry anywhere else.