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Lombardy, 10 years ago there was a public space for data exchange

The example, which is real by the way, is also put into practice for celectric charging poles In some municipalities of Lombard, or to see from the websites of other municipalities i Free places in the emergency room, the risk of avalanches in the mountains or warnings of bad weather. “There are startups and companies – says Verga – They are working on it Concrete use cases For transportation, tourism, personal services and safety“.

Data space E015

The work done by E015 is not the only one of its kind, but it was the first of its kind, so much so that Lombardy is a leading region in Europe For this approach to share information through the API in the data space. In 2021, the Ministry of Tourism concluded an agreement to be able to reuse this model at the national level. It is one of the topics of the conference organized by Cefriel On October 4 In Milan to celebrate this decade.

But there is more. After E015 was born, I was born in a completely independent way European Gaia-X projectwhich was conceptualized as a European cloud, i.e. France and Germany react to the dominance of Amazon, Microsoft, Google and Alibaba. Gaia-X also has a number of functions related to data sharing and reuse. However, the approach compared to E015 is not only completely different, but also It is also complementary. “E015 – says Verga – It started in a way that was more focused on a problem Organizing data exchange, favoring its reuse, matching the demand and supply of data. While that Gaia-X A problem arose much further upstream: Analysis of the entire supply chain. So where are the servers, how are they made, security, even physical information exchange”.

Unique service in Europe

The success of E015 is measured by a series of quantitative indicators that indicate the quality of the project: Since the beginning, more than 180 APIs have been deployed and more than 120 end-user use cases have been createdthere More than 510 pairs continuous data exchange (between public and private or mixed entities) remains active and operational. Not Found There is no other similar service in Europe And perhaps to the world.

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E015 – says Verga – It was born in the early 2000s when sectoral associations in the Lombardy region began to ask: To prepare for the fair, what digital aspects can we use to help businesses? What are their needs? The answer is that we need ways to exchange data. The model born on paper was first tested with carriers: Sea, Trenitalia, Ferrovie Nord. One of the pilot projects was in Cadorna, where information on the Malpensa excursions can be found. The value was not in individual exchange, Between the airport and Malpensa Express station, but the fact that this same data was reusable by anyone who needed it with very little effort, i.e. simply by integrating the call with our marketplace API, into our sharing space. It all started from there“.