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Weather forecast, Caronte Bis arrives.  48 degrees in the south, rain in the north

Weather forecast, Caronte Bis arrives. 48 degrees in the south, rain in the north

In the week that has just begun, the weather in Italy will be very eventful: in fact, our country will find itself between another advance of the African anticyclone Charon and an insidious storm break.

The risk of extreme events derived from this type of conflict is high: above all, hail is feared. Antonio Sano, founder of the website, announces that today the weather will be very warm, Saron explains what has already happened in recent days: it is a new pulse in the Mediterranean, with high pressure of subtropical origin. in the Mid-South and on the two larger islands. In Puglia, Sicily and Sardinia, highs of around 45-48 degrees Celsius are expected.

However, as expected, the weather is not completely constant from north to south, far from it: by analyzing the general synoptic picture expected in the Old Continent, we can observe how there are high latitudes between the British Isles and Scandinavia.
Large areas of low pressure filled with fresh, unstable air of polar origin. Further down, however, we now see the granitic African anticyclone, with its red-hot air masses from the Sahara desert.

Already from this evening onwards, particularly between July 25 and 26, the entry of fresh and unstable air at higher altitudes will cause a real storm break.

Due to the large amount of energy involved (moisture and heat in the lower layers of the atmosphere previously transported by anticyclone Saron) and strong differences between completely different air masses, ideal conditions for development will be created.
Massive storm cells capable of locally unleashing strong gusts of wind and hail.

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According to the latest update, the regions most at risk are all the northern regions: Lombardy, Trentino Alto Adige, Veneto and Friuli Venezia Giulia. Anti-storm in other parts of the country
Although gradually lower especially from Thursday 27, guaranteeing a lot of sun and heat, the African Charon can still dominate without challenge: at this time, it is possible to observe a temperature drop of even 10-12 degrees compared to the beginning of the week.


Monday 24. In the North: Sunny and very hot. Medium: Sunny and hot up to 40°C. South: Sun and intense heat up to 45-48 degrees Celsius.

Tuesday 25. In the north: Thunderstorms from the Alps towards the plains; Heat drop. Middle: Prevailing fine weather. South: All sun and hot weather of 45°C and above.

Wednesday 26. In the north: fine weather except for localized showers in the Alps, temperatures begin to drop. Middle: alternating between clear clouds; Fast rain in Molise. In the south: rain in Basilicata and mountains in Campania, fine weather elsewhere.

TREND: A return to conditions of greater atmospheric stability in the next few days with a less warm front from north to south.