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“They stole a room in my house by the sea”-

“They stole a room in my house by the sea”-

OLBIA – Â «There is no longer a room in my house by the sea. They stole from me.’ Surprised the owner of an apartment in a tourist village in Portoroondo, and even more surprised the Carabinieri, who filed a complaint regarding a certain “theft”. Fabiano Corti, who works at the Statistical Service of the University of Bergamo, arrived in Sardinia in June with his wife and two children: “We had to spend a week’s vacation in Punta Asfodeli. We found the house was gutted, the bedroom was gone. Someone had knocked down a wall and rebuilt it four meters away. Instead of a room, there was only a very narrow corridor and space for a wardrobe.

Vacation ruined

“The vacation is ruined, I went back and forth from the barracks. What happened was unbelievable.’ Furious, Corti quit a few days later, revealing himself to a reporterAn echo of Bergamo And the story of the “stolen room” went viral on social media within hours. “The house was bought by my parents in 1984, my brothers and I fell in love with it, we had an unforgettable time and then we got it. My brother stayed here in September last year and the room was still there. The village was uninhabited in winter and they used it to demolish the wall, do illegal work and confiscate the place.”

Identified the teacher

But a wall cannot grow like a mushroom, and it is not difficult to identify the “culprit” who lives in northern Italy and develops the story into a dispute between neighboring countries. The Carabinieri’s investigation is in the process of obtaining documents and examining the real ownership of that part of the complex, several sale deeds, cartulary issues, cadastral maps. Fabiano Corti will not get “his” bedroom back this summer or next, barring an amicable settlement of the dispute. For those who built that wall recklessly – with the presumption of guilt for arbitrarily using one’s own reasons – the criminal justice implications could also be avoided.

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