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Weather forecast.  A series of Atlantic disturbances crossing Italy will bring fresh rain between Thursday and Friday.  Here «3B Meteo

Weather forecast. A series of Atlantic disturbances crossing Italy will bring fresh rain between Thursday and Friday. Here «3B Meteo

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Weather October 26-27
Weather October 26-27

Fast front in the Tyrrhenian regions of Thursday. A new front in the intense westerly moist flow of Atlantic origin will already reach the western Alps in the evening. Wednesday. It will quickly move towards the central-southern regions on Thursday, directly affecting those on the Tyrrhenian side. Rain and showers from Ligurian east to south, Calabria and northern Sicily. Given the speed of the line of fronts, the weather in the north is already improving, while parts of the Adriatic are not involved, downwind of the Apennines, with dry weather, large sunny spots and light winds. Carbino falls from the Apennine valleys.

New front starting from northwest on Thursday evening. Already between afternoon and evening another Atlantic front will reach the northwest, resulting in rain and rain again starting from the western Alps. Spreading to the eastern regions and the following night to Lombardy and Triveneto. Probably sporadic events will affect the north-west and Emilia Romagna, with a tendency to improve from the early hours of the day and large gaps rapidly extending to the north-east.

Rain and showers on Friday in the central-lower Tyrrhenian. The front will move rapidly towards the mid-south, judging by Friday Rain and rain mainly in the Tyrrhenian regions, leaving the Adriatic types aside, are again downwind of the Apennines, resulting in the Carbino winds. A faster movement of the front would favor an advance in the Upper Tyrrhenian Sea already during the day.

Moderate weather. As the Adriatic and Ionian regions and the eastern parts of the main islands are reached, the weather will be generally mild, with temperatures likely to rise further on Friday. Values ​​are even 26/27 degrees Celsius and beyond domestically.

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The concentration of pollutants in your area will vary depending on current and forecasted weather conditions. To find out the pollution rate, check our air quality maps, always updated >> Air Quality.

Even in high-pressure conditions, at the height of summer, short, localized but sometimes severe thunderstorms can suddenly develop and surprise us: they are called ‘thermal storms’ and are more common in the late afternoon and early evening.

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