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Municipal Foggia 2023 |  Results |  Elections |  Mayor |  options

Municipal Foggia 2023 | Results | Elections | Mayor | options

7.12 PM – Furore, Five Star Movement MEP: “For the time being the Five Star Movement seems to be on the first list based on the preferences, but we have to wait for the trend to consolidate. We have worked to end the controversy in the first round. Some people talked about a ruckus or the obsession of the parties, but we have built a coalition around a tall figure like Maria Aida, Because more forces could gather around him to defeat those responsible for the right, dissolved by the mafia. As far as I’m concerned, the center-right took a lot.”

6.50 pm – In the 67 sectors examined, 45% of a total of 147, Maria Aida Episcopo has a clear advantage with 53.5%, followed by Rafael de Mauro with 24.4%, Angiola with 10.2%, Minero with 8, 3% and de Sabato with 3.7%.

6.30 pm – David Emanuel, Councilor Candidate and Democratic City Secretary: “The referendum has affected other political forces more than the centre-left. Politics is back and we have to roll up our sleeves. Foggia is a city with a mafia problem and we have to be aware of this.”

6.20 pm – Gianicola De Leonardis, Regional Councilor of the Brothers of Italy: “This is an election campaign towards the past, when the municipality was dissolved because of the mafia. I’ve seen some mafia city councillors. The citizens’ verdict was mainly about this and the fact that many centre-right voters. Who didn’t vote, they had a push about it.”

6.10 pm – Valerio Ricci (Nobody Excluded List): “A good experience, we were in close contact with the people. We explained and talked about the Foggia we think and want to create. People listened to us, they were attentive. Foggia is not a territory, not a territory conquered by those who fought against it. Proposals”.

6.00 pm – PSI’s Giulio Scapato: “People said they wanted a woman mayor. We believed that Mainiro would have taken a higher percentage and that would have been decisive in the event of a run-off.”

5.45 pm – Leonardo Dono, Regional Coordinator of the M5S: “There was an outcry from the citizens. Beyond the decisions of individual parties, the goal was to restart Foggia, a rewarded project”.

5.35 pm – Rosa Cicolella, ex-coordinator of Italia Viva: “We stand firm in our choice”

5.30 pm – Maria Aida Episcopo’s team expects victory: the mayoral candidate has 53.9% of the 10,000 votes counted.

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4.59 PM – Antonio Vigiano, city secretary of the League, candidate for councilor of Prima Foggia: “We expected a percentage of that type of voting. My feelings were more negative than the final data. We expected a clear advantage for Episcopal, and they brought 10 lists to the field, twice as much as ours. The main thing is. Until, we win, the citizens our predictions. I hope they will confirm, so we can go to the run-off. It was a very quick, beautiful and intense election campaign in which we proved that we are close to the central government. The centre-right started quietly, but has recovered well. The prima fogia list? 5-6% for us. I’ll be happy if I get it.”

4.45 pm – Mayoral candidate Antonio Di Sabato on FoggiaToday: “There is still a side that connects us to the past. The ballot will be tough, but there will still be two sides of the same coin.” (See full interview here).

4.32 pm – With Episcopo close to 50%, De Mauro is trying to capture the runoff goal. Angiola-Minero is neck and neck for third place.

4.20 pm – Examine the first two sections at Policlinico Reunion. Just 27 votes. Episcopo in front of De Mauro.

3.15 pm – Episcopo in front, De Mauro follows

Voting ended at 3 pm in Foggia’s 147 constituencies, where just 60% of votes were registered. (Exact data here).

The counting of votes has begun and the data will be published here in real time of the vote count, which will decide today, October 23, who among Giuseppe Mainiro, Antonio de Sabato, Nuncio Angiola, Rafael de Mauro and Maria Aida Episcopo. He will wear the tricolor and lead the city as mayor for the next five years.

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Maria Aida Episcopo, currently the candidate of the Progressive Broad Camp, has the most support. followed by center-right candidate Rafael de Mauro. Mainero and Angiola in third place. De Sabato closes.

This window also includes comments, reports and analysis. The live broadcast will take place directly on the Facebook page from the Palazzo di Città. A possible run-off round will take place on Sunday 5th and Monday 6th November