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Risk of large hail and supercells

Risk of large hail and supercells

On Tuesday there was a strong disturbance in northern Italy, at 20 pm in Preciano: “A wave cable is approaching from the west, thus increasing high altitude winds from the southwest and consequently increasing vortices – write. ZenaStormChaser -. The available energy for convection will be high and favorable for the growth of highly organized systems with the possibility of large hail (5 cm).

Serious events can affect Preciano, Lower Cardo’s eyes. For Lombardy and Piedmont, thunderstorms “initially form in the western Alps, then move northeast and strengthen themselves – we read again. ZenaStormChaser -. Level 2 was released due to the risk of medium-large hail and supercells, with no rotating events expected. Therefore, the provinces of Turin, Northern Asti, Versailles, Nowrez and Komasco will be most affected.

Another area at risk is the north-east, where the storm lane prefers alpine and pre-alpine areas, ”he concludes. ZenaStormChaser – In the evening between Veronese, Aldo Montovano, Vicentino and Trevijiano, there are conditions for supercellular events. High energy and medium to large hail is preferred when playing with a 2000j / Kg peak “.

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