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The 480 thousand euros seized, withdrawal, escape (abroad): Camila Giorgi and the problems with the tax authorities

The 480 thousand euros seized, withdrawal, escape (abroad): Camila Giorgi and the problems with the tax authorities

Camila Giorgi In trouble with Italian tax: The former tennis player has ended up under the watchful eye of the Guardia di Finanza, which, after unsuccessfully summoning her on April 13, will search for her to hand over documents related to tax and tax assessments against her. Despite the denial of Giorgi herself, she reappeared with a tweet on Instagram in which she identified her Rumors The back story published after his mysterious retirement, relaunched yesterday about the dispute with the Treasury, has found further confirmation.

As reconstructed today Corriere della SeraIn fact, the tax authorities had already confiscated them 480 thousand euros In Federtens. Not only. The Italian state has been tracking Camilla Giorgi since April 15, when Florence revenue officials (who lives in Calenzano) were supposed to hand over all the relevant documents to her. Tax invoices have been processed. Accounts to be paid. This notice, which must be taken seriously, is about an investigation that may lead to prosecution. The tax audit revealed a series of sensational crimes. Camilla has never filed a regular tax return as required by law. Never compile. Never pay.

but this is not all. Because the rest of the family members will also be wrong about the taxes paid or to be paid. Apparently the same thing Father Sergio There will be more than one unresolved issue with the revenue agency. Thus it appears that the sudden disappearance was prompted by an intense conflict with the treasury. The 32-year-old may have now left Europe for California. It is unclear how long this leak will continue. It’s also not clear what’s really going through the former tennis player’s mind. Because, as is known, the taxpayer warns the taxpayer against negligence by offering to pay the amount due, perhaps in installments. But then, if no agreement is reached, there is the initiation of criminal proceedings, with the risk of a Condemnation for escape. So goodbye sponsors.

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There is another chapter that casts a shadow over Giorgi’s reputation. It was 2022, and the sensationally beautiful Camilla had eluded her coronavirus vaccinations. The green permits turned out to be fraudulent and the judges ordered a trial on March 2. The accusation is an ideological lie. She defended herself by saying that she was calm because she would not have been able to participate in the tournaments if she had not been aware of her vaccinations.

More will be known about this case on July 16 when the former player will have to appear before an investigating judge in Vicenza in the first preliminary hearing.