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The Prime Minister, Georgia Meloni, is in Sharm El-Sheikh for the opening ceremony of the high-level meetings of COP27. The United Nations climate conference is being held in Egypt and Meloni spoke with Sisi about the Giulio Regeni case and the Patrick Zaki case.

The Egyptian President received the Prime Minister, Abdel Fattah Sisithe Secretary-General of the United Nations, Antonio Guterres. In the framework of bilateral meetings on the sidelines of the summit on the implementation of climate change, Meloni also met Malik in Sisi. During the meeting there was a talk supply Energeticsustainable energy climate crisis And the immigration. However, the meeting – reading a note from Palazzo Chigi – gave Prime Minister Meloni an opportunity to raise the bar Trait subordinate respect subordinate human rights. To underscore Italy’s strong focus on cases Giulio Regeni Based on Patrick Zaki.

Georgia Meloni shakes hands with Sisi. Right, Guterres. Photo Ansa / Chigi

Giulio Regeni28, a Friuli researcher at the University of Cambridge in England, was kidnappedAnd the tortured And the killed to me Cairo In 2016. In Italy suspended The to treat be seen Defendants in absentia 4 agents of the security services Egyptians are responsible for kidnapping, torturing and killing the young man. Patrick Zaki Instead of thatActivist Egyptian because I rights Humans And the civiliansAnd the Student at University of BolognaCurrently Free After his release in Egypt on December 8 last year, at the end of 22 months of pretrial detention. But can’t go back in Italia. accusation “Spreading false news against EgyptAll for writing posts on Facebook and Element Where he defended the persecuted minority gods Christians Coptsto which he himself belongs.

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Melon with senak at Cop27 in Egypt. Photos of Ansa

Meloni meets Sunak

regarding Georgia Meloniin the meeting with Sisi We talked about “Italian student Regeni’s question and cooperation to reach the truth and achieve justiceAnsa identified this in spokesperson officer Egyptian presidencyAmbassador Bassam Rady. But he didn’t add anything else. For his part, the Egyptian President expressed,AmbitionThe visit of the President of the State Council cantaloupe in Egypt gives the “new momentum“For the relations between Rome And the Cairo. On the sidelines of the UN Climate Summit, the Italian President also met with a Head of State IsraelAnd the Isaac Herzog. He also had a confrontation with the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, Rishi Sunakas well as with the Prime Minister of the Federal Democratic Republic EthiopiaAnd the Abi Ahmed.

Italian Prime Minister with President of Israel Herzog. Photo Ansa / Chigi