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Vittorio Garrone, slap in the face “He's taking it very hard” |  However, they seemed very united

Vittorio Garrone, slap in the face “He's taking it very hard” | However, they seemed very united

Vittorio Garrone and Antonella Clerici – Evod

It seemed that their love was overwhelming and long-lasting, and yet now the ugly statement about the situation they don't like comes out. Vittorio Garrone and Antonella Clerici, what's going on?

Their love blossomed in 2016 and they always seemed so united and connected. Vittorio Garrone H Antonella Clerici.

Perhaps precisely because love has reached an already mature age, when each person already has his own experiences and therefore knows what he wants from life, and what he does not want.

What no one wants is the situation superiority, Treating others, feeling superior, and looking at them with disdain. Maybe thanks to your money and job position.

However, the accusation “If he pushes himself too hard” Arrives unexpectedly. Who would have thought.

Vittorio Garrone, the sentence that no one expected

Vittorio Garrone H Antonella Clerici They met thanks to a mutual friend, they often said. This is a nutritionist Evelina VlachiThis is what we see a lot on Rai programs. The man, a businessman, admitted in an interview with courier That, before the meeting, I was looking for information about him online. And he was fascinated by him from the moment he entered the restaurant. “stroke of light” describes it, but we can say that his book was a classic love at first sight.

And suddenly, when you least expect it, overwhelming. He admitted: “We started talking and forgot about our friend. After that, I stayed there, in the space left by his taxi, like an idiot. I went back to the hotel and was walking on clouds.”[…] I thought: With such a charming and intelligent woman, I can't use tactics, I have to be who I am and let's hope she doesn't tell me “let's stay friends.” He didn't say that, fortunately. Even if the engagement took 3 months. After all, past experiences make us more cautious.

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The criticized photo – iFood (Instagram photo)

“He's taking it very hard,” very harsh words

since Vittorio Garrone H Antonella Clerici They have built a beautiful relationship built on affection, trust and loyalty. Above all, a provider It's always midday He always had kind words for his partner. That is why the accusatory sentence was so striking “If he pushes himself too hard”.

But it was not uttered by one or the other. that it comment To a joint photo of the couple. The two showed themselves vacationing in the snow during Easter, but one user didn't like it and wrote: “They're exaggerating…You can see they're not getting a worker's salary…They're pushing themselves too hard.” Many point to this accusation without motive. But everyone has their own ideas.